Thursday, 24 November 2011

Best Exercises for Diabetic Patients

Keep fit, keep healthy

Proper diet and medication if combined with an exercise regime of 3-4 days a week can work wonders for diabetic patients. Adequate exercise not only helps one lose excessive body fat but also helps in bettering the condition of the heart and controlling the blood sugar level.

Type II diabetes is a more prevalent type of diabetes which develops later in life, when cells of the body become insulin resistant. Hence, it is very important to incorporate exercise in the daily routine to ensure successful controlling of the blood sugar level.

Below are some exercises that will help achieve the goal of a fitter life:


This is the safest and the best way to keep one fit. A walk of around 30-40 minutes a day not only refreshes you but also improves the circulation of your body. If you have been very inactive lately, start with walking 10 minutes in a day and gradually increase the time to 30-40 minutes.

A brief jog of about 5-10 minutes, usually after 15 minutes of walking, can help in lowering the bad cholesterols. Alternate between walking and jogging and then gradually start with jogging for around 20 minutes a day.

Household chores:

Simple household chores such as gardening or mopping and scrubbing the floor are also effective forms of exercises without stressing the body too much. Chores such as dusting the furniture and preparing food, washing utensils also provide light exercise to the body.

Cycling for around 15 minutes a day will help in proper blood circulation and also help lose that extra weight.


This is the most fun exercise that one can do. It not only rejuvenates you, but also is a simple way of keeping fit without any stress and after-effects. For those who have a foot problem, this exercise can replace cycling.

Light aerobics:

Regular practice of light aerobics helps in burning unnecessary fat and keeping one fit, that too in an enjoyable way. Some good music will lift your spirits and you won’t get bored of exercising.

Yoga and Pilates:

Yoga offers some very good stretching exercises that help maintain the flexibility of the diabetic patients. Same is true for Pilates. Pilates and Yoga can double up as aerobics exercises as well as flexibility exercises. Stretching and warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise reduces the risk of injury. Avoid asanas with extreme postures and rigorous movements.

Before starting exercise, always remember:

•    Start slowly with low impact exercises such as walking and jogging. Gradually increase the speed and time as per convenience.
•    Always consult the doctor before combining various forms of exercises.
•    Start exercise with a warm up and conclude the exercise with a cool down regime.
•    Always carry an identity card showing that you are diabetic, in case of any emergency.
•    Carry energy snacks and sugar-free fluids in case of dehydration.
•    If you feel any pain the chest or the legs, etc stop exercising and contact your doctor.
•    It is very important, in case of diabetics to keep their feet protected. Therefore, wear proper shoes and socks before venturing out.

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